Scott & Trek Bicycles with SR Suntour Front Forks Recalled Due to Crash Hazard

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The SR Suntour front forks on 13 models of Scott and 11 models of Trek 2011, 2012 and 2013 bicycles are being recalled.

The following Scott bicycles with Suntour forks are being recalled:

Model Name(s) Model Year(s) and Color SR Suntour Fork
Sportster 10 Men 2011 (black/white/gold) NCX
Sportster 10 Solution 2011 (black/white/gold) NCX
Sportster 25 Men 2011 (white/brown/black) NCX
Sportster 25 Solution 2011 (white/red/orange) NCX
Sportster 30 Men 2011 (grey/white)
2012 (white/black/grey/gold)
Sportster 30 Solution 2011 (black/white/grey) NEX
Sportster 55 Lady 2011 (black/white/gold)
2012 (white/purple)
Sportster 55 Men 2011 (black/white/orange) NEX
Sportster X30 Men 2013 (black/white/grey/red) NEX
Sportster X30 Solution 2013 (black/blue/grey) NEX
Sportster X40 Men 2013 (black/white/blue) NEX
Sportster X50 Men 2013 (grey/white/black) NEX
Sportster X50 Lady 2013 (white/grey) NEX


Scott has received one report of a broken SR Suntour fork. No injuries were reported. Consumers with recalled Scott bicycles should take them to an authorized Scott dealer for a free repair of the NEX model or a free replacement lower fork for the NCX model. These were sold at bicycle stores nationwide from October 2010 to November 2013 for between $450 and $1,100.

The following Trek bicycles with Suntour forks are being recalled:

Model Name(s) Model Year(s) SR Suntour Fork
8.3 DS 2012 and 2013 NEX
8.4 DS 2012 and 2013 NRX
8.5 DS 2012 and 2013 NRX
8.6 DS 2013 NRX
Cali 2013 XCM
Marlin and Marlin SS 2011 XCT
Marlin 2012 and 2013 XCM
Marlin SS 2012 XCM
Montare 2011 NRX
Neko SL 2012 and 2013 NRX
Utopia 2011 NRX
Wahoo 2011 XCM
Wahoo 2012 and 2013 XCT










Trek has received 28 reports of broken forks. Five injuries have been reported, including minor bruises, a separated shoulder and broken bones. Consumers should immediately stop riding the recalled bicycles. Consumers with recalled Trek bicycles should take them to an authorized Trek dealer for a free repair of NEX, XCM and XCT models or a free replacement of the NRX model.  These Trek bikes were sold in bicycle stores nationwide between May 2010 to June 2014 for between $600 and $1,370.


Julie Vos Women’s Scarves Recalled Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard

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Two prints of Julie Vos women’s scarves are being recalled. The scarves are 100 percent modal fabric and were sold in two prints, Anchor and Sierra. Anchor was sold in three colors, including blue, green and orange. Sierra was sold in four colors, including raspberry/magenta, orange/peach, cream/gray and blue/purple. The scarves measure 75 inches long by 45 inches wide. Julie Vos is printed on a tag sewn into the back of the scarf.

There has been one incident of a shawl catching fire. No injuries have been reported.  Consumers should immediately stop wearing the recalled scarves and contact Julie Vos to arrange to return the scarves for a full refund. Julie Vos will provide a pre-paid postage label for shipping.  These scarves were sold at specialty boutiques nationwide and online from January 2014 through February 2014 for about $165.

Napoleon Fireplace’s Wolf Steel Propane Gas Fireplaces Recalled Due to Laceration Hazard

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This recall involves Napoleon Fireplace’s Wolf Steel Propane gas fireplaces with the model numbers GD3200-P (flush glass front) and GD3200B-P (with bay window). The fireplaces are black and approximately 33 inches tall and 31.25 inches wide with gold accent designs on the top and bottom of the outside of the product. The model numbers can be found in the center of the rating label. The rating label is located on the base of the fireplace behind the lower louvered access door.

Wolf Steel has received one incident report from Canada where the glass shattered resulting in cuts to the face and neck that needed medical attention.  No incidents were reported in the U.S.  If you or a loved one have ever suffered from a personal injury such as this, contact one of our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles or New York today!

Consumers should stop using the recalled fireplaces and contact their local Napoleon Fireplace Hearth Dealer to arrange a service call to have a free upgrade kit installed on their fireplace. A qualified gas appliance technician must install the upgrade kit.  These fireplaces were sold at Hearth Fireplace specialty stores nationwide from August 1992 through May 2001 for about $1,500.

Roland Recalls Digital Pianos, Could Cause Electrical Shock

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Roland is recalling model RD-800 Electronic Digital Pianos due to an electrical shock hazard. The recalled product is an electronic piano keyboard that is 55 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches high. It is black and has 88 black and white keys. The front of the piano has a control panel with a color liquid crystal display (LCD) in the center. Pianos within the following serial number ranges are being recalled:

Z6D0015 to Z6D0019

Z7D0174 to Z7D0423

Z8D1 056 to Z8D1255

Z9D2131 to Z9D2333

The serial number and model number are on a data plate on the right side of the rear of the piano between the XLR output connectors and the AC IN connector.

Roland received one report of a consumer connecting the power cord to an XLR output jack. No injuries have been reported.  Consumers should immediately stop using the pianos, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and the piano. Contact Roland U.S. for a free repair kit or to locate an authorized dealer or service center to have the repair kit installed free of charge.  The digital pianos were sold at American Musical Supply Inc., Cascio Interstate, Full Compass Systems Ltd, Guitar Center Inc., Kraft Keyboard Center, Musicians Friend Inc., Sam Ash Inc. and Sweetwater Sound Inc. stores nationwide from January 2014 to April 2014 for about $3,000.

Winco Recalls Canister Shell Fireworks Kit Due to Impact and Burn Hazards

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Around 4,500 Winco Contraband 24 firework kits with canister shells and firing tubes are now being recalled. When fired, the shell can blow a hole in the tube. Each kit contains 24 60-gram shells with fuses attached and four fiberglass firing tubes with wooden bases. The kit came in a brown cardboard box about 28 inches tall, 9 inches wide and about 5 inches deep. The front of the box has the words “Contraband 24,” “24 Cannister Shells,” “Maximum Powder Load” printed in black and red.

The front also has a warning label stating the product should only be used under close adult supervision and outdoors. Model number JP-933 is printed on the left front of the box above the warning. The back of the box has color photos and descriptions the effect each shell should create.

Winco has received two reports of the firing tubes being too narrow, including one of a shell blowing up in a tube and causing minor cuts and burns to the legs of a store employee.  If you have purchased these stop use immediately and return them to the place of purchase to receive a full refund.  These fireworks were sold at Pyro City and other fireworks retailers from February 2014 to June 2014 for about $80.

Sony Recalls VAIO Flip PC Laptops, Can Catch Fire and Cause Potential Burns

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About 680 Sony VAIO Flip PC laptops are being recalled due to possible fire and burn hazards.  This recall includes laptops with model number SVF11N13CXS. The computers were sold in three colors: silver, black and pink. They have a Panasonic-manufactured lithium-ion battery and a folding touch screen that measures about 11.6 inches diagonally and a backlit keyboard. The VAIO logo is etched on the outer top of the computer, near the hinge. The model and serial numbers are printed on a black label with white lettering on the underside of the screen. To locate the label, consumers should open the computer, move the switch from the lock to the release position and flip the display.

Sony has been contacted for four incidents, all of which occurred in Asia, of computers overheating, resulting in units smoking, catching on fire and melting. No injuries have been reported.   If you have one of these PC’s, immediately stop using the device, shut it down and unplug it. Contact Sony for a free repair or full refund of the computer’s purchase price.  These laptops were sold at Sony retail stores nationwide and online from the Sony store from February 2014 to April 2014 for about $800.

Porter-Cable Fixed-Base Production Routers Recalled, Electrical Shock Hazard Could Occur

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Four models of Porter-Cables are being recalled; 3 1/4 horsepower, electric, fixed-base production routers and one production router base. The recalled routers are about 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The top of the router motor is black plastic and has the on/off switch for the router. The base is painted gray and has two side handles, an adjuster ring on the top and a clamp screw on the rear. The side handles on the base of recalled routers have no insulation. The Porter-Cable name and logo are on the front of the base. The recalled routers and base were manufactured from 1990 to April 2014. The following router models are being recalled:


The router model number and the manufacture date code are on a metal plate on the back of the upper motor housing. The date code consists of the year of manufacture, the week of manufacture and the manufacturing plant code in the YYYY WW-XX format.

The router base is model number 75361 and is also sold separately. The model number is located on the side of the base on the opposite side of the Porter-Cable label.

No injuries have been reported, however, consumers should immediately stop using the recalled routers and router bases, unplug the units, and contact Porter-Cable for a free replacement router base with insulation on the handles.  These devices were sold at major industrial equipment suppliers and woodworker suppliers nationwide from 1990 to April 2014 for about $85 to $690 depending on the model.

All Power America Recalls Snow Throwers Due to Potential Fire Hazard

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About 10,000 All Power brand single stage snow throwers are being recalled due to a potential fire hazard. The snow throwers are black and yellow and have a red cap on the gas tank. They have a 20-inch wide snow clearing width and an 87cc, 4 cycle engine. The model number of the recalled snow throwers is SB044P, which is printed on a yellow and black sticker located on the top of the unit with the phrase “20 Inch Clearing Width.”

The company has received 58 reports of carburetor leaks. No fires or injuries have been reported.  If your machine has been recalled, you should immediately stop using their snow thrower and contact All-Power to obtain a free repair.  These devices were sold at Menards stores and independent hardware retailers from September 2012 through December 2013 for around $200.

Big Fireworks Recalls Mock Sword Fireworks Devices Because of Impact and Burn Hazards

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Big Fireworks is recalling 1,040 Big Sword fireworks devices. The mock sword is a handheld fountain that is intended to emit sparks from the tip of the sword. These swords are blue and yellow and have the Big Fireworks logo and the words “Big Sword” printed on the front. A yellow cardboard tag attached to the handle of the device has “Big Sword” and a caution statement printed on it. The sword measures 30 inches and has model number 3609 printed above the product’s barcode.

Big Fireworks has received two reports of these fireworks exploding during usage. No injuries have been reported.  Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled fireworks devices and return them to the place of purchase to receive a full refund.   These fireworks were sold at Big Fireworks retailers and wholesale distributors nationwide from April 2014 to June 2014 for about $13.

Lea Industries Recalls Bunk Beds with Bookcases Due to Risk of Entrapment

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This recall involves Lea Covington and Hannah Collections style bunk beds with bookcases. The beds were sold in twin over twin and full over full sizes with accessories including a bookcase. The Covington Collection has a cherry finish and the Hannah Collection, a white finish.  The Lea name and model information is printed on a label attached to the backside of the headboard on the bottom bunk and on the back of the bookcase.

The Covington Collection

145-976 twin over twin

145-986 full over full

145-900 bookcase

The Hannah Collection

147-976 twin over twin

147-986 full over full

147-900 bookcase

No incidents or injuries have been reported.  Consumers should immediately check to see if they have the recalled bunk beds and then contact Lea Industries to determine if the bed is misassembled. A professional installer can be dispatched to raise the position of the bottom bunk bed and install new brackets on the bookcase. Lea Industries is contacting known customers directly.  These sets were sold at Furnitureland South and other furniture stores nationwide and online at from September 2011 until March 2014 for about $1,700.